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Hello to all users of Kartina-tv, 
sorry for writing in English my Russian writing skills aren't very good.

Just wanted to write a bad user experience my father had with this company, Kartina-tv.

Each year he was called by a Kartina-tv representative
which asked him if he wanted to renew his account.

This year, he didn't get a call, but instead the account was auto-renewed,
once he saw that he called the call center and they told him that they can cancel the account,
but it will be canceled only next year, and they can't refund his money.

I personally, encountered this situation many times with other companies online,
but the difference is that a normal company will refund you immediately if you explain the situation to them.

If a person forgot and didn't notify 3 days before the account renew's, and told you 1-2 after he has been billed,
why not refund him? why do you need a client that will tell only bad things from now on, why do you give clients the feeling they are not important.


also, there was no contract with the company that was signed, it was all over the phone.


it is just a reminder for everyone to keep you alertness regarding auto-renewed charges.


have a good weeked,


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Здравствуйте Роман. Спасибо за обращение. Необходимо отметить, что на форуме мы не решаем вопросы расторжения подписок. Но мы выяснили вашу ситуацию и к сожалению в вашем случае возможности вернуть средства уже нет. До 20 года вашему отцу звонили, но 21 году продление произошло без предварительного уведомление и это не вызывало никаких вопросов. То же самое произошло повторно для 22 года. До момента продления можно было обратиться к нам в любое время чтобы отказаться от продления. Все это уже было объяснено по телефону. Таким образом настроена наша система которая работает в автоматическом режиме.

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