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  1. Thanks for the reply and suggestion Incredible. But I have given up on the HD Base 3.0. I think it is just to old for the current software.
  2. Hi, We have earlier used a Dune HD Base 3D and recorded some programs to a local harddisk. We might purchase a Dune HD Pro 4K for use with Kartina. If we attach an external harddisk, can we still record programs from Kartina? Stig 11687435
  3. Hi Our old Dune HD Base 3D was damaged during lighting storm. I was able to get a mostly unused Dune HD Base 3.0 and have moved the harddisk. I have upgraded the firmware to the latest (190919_0242_r11). From the "Dune Store", I can install Kartina.TV and it installs version 150226_1519. But as you can see from attachment, it just says "Impossible to launch application". I have tried the dune_service_install_ktv.dsf patch, but it does not help. Is the Base 3.0 to old to run Kartina.TV now? Regards, Stig 11687435
  4. Hi Is there a difference in which movies are available to watch in START videotek depending of where one is located? Please see attached screenshot. These are movies my wife marked to watch on her iPad while she was in St.Petersburg, just a week ago. But now that she is in Norway, the movies that we have marked with yellow circles are no longer available to play. Have the movies been removed, or are they not available to play outside Russia? Regards, Stig Subscription: 11687435
  5. Hi, there is a bug in Kartina app on iPad for downloaded films and series. See attached picture 393. The play-buttons are not visible. So it is impossible to start playing. If I click the iPad screenlock button and re-open the iPad, I can see a little bit of the play-buttons. See attached picture 396. If I have downloaded 3 episodes of the same TV-serial, I can only see the play-button of the 2 first episodes. Can you please fix this soon? Version 2.1.2 of the Kartina app for iPad. iPad Air 2 with iPad OS 14.2 I have also tested on newer iPad with same result. Subscription: 11687435 Thanks, Stig
  6. It is suddenly no longer possible to make a local recording of recorded programs. I have disabled Teleteka, and then recording worked for a day or two, but now only live programs can be recorded locally. Is this intentional? Why disable local recording?
  7. Please see attached image. This started a few days ago - some programs are listed with "T" in stead of "R". I think "R" means it is recorded by Kartina, but what about "T"? We have discovered that the function for making a local recording on the Dune is not possible on "T", only on "R". Why is this?
  8. Раньше запись продолжалась 5 часов. Последнюю неделю после нажатия мной кнопки "Запись" приставка прекращает записывать через несколько минут.
  9. The last 2-3 days are the first time we have tried recording a show since the update. Last recordings were back in May, with former firmware. No issues then, or earlier. Tried rebooting Dune. Tried downgrading firmware. Got forced to re-upgrade before being able to test on last firmware. Still same problem. The recording pauses on screen, and when checking the recording afterwards it has stopped at the same place. The recordings used to go on until about 5 hours, but not anymore.
  10. Hi Using Dune HD Base 3D player. After upgrading to firmware 180526 it is almost impossible to record movies anymore. After a few minutes (sometimes 5min, sometimes 35min) the recording is paused automatically. Tried downgrading to the last firmware but after a reboot, it forces an update again to 180526. Have tried to find out if the problem has any other explanation, but all worked fine with previous firmware versions. Any help? Stig
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