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  1. I completely agree with all you said. We were also forced to switch to Kartina from BestrussianTV. As a software and website developer with 25 years of experience I saw all the flows right away. I was trying to talk to Kartina reps who were sending email notifications about the switch. No answers. Since my parents and in-laws had yearly subscription for the past 4 years. We were stack with Kartina. When may parents subscription was over I signed them with another company and they are happy again. My in-laws subscription is almost done and I will do the same for them. There are too many problems with website, broadcast, Videoteka and everything else. They were also trying to watch TV using KartinaTv application. It did not help. Right now I find the programs and movies on Youtube for them to watch. The quality is better in many occasions. (sound, streaming and so on) Good luck to everyone.
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