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  1. Google translator: Привет. Где я могу найти apk-файл Kartina TB для Android TV? Я использую Android на ПК через Prime OS, и некоторые приложения для Android TV (YouTube, PerfectPlayer) работают безупречно. Я нигде не смог найти apk Kartina TV для Android TV. Я хочу знать, работает ли он на Prime OS. Версия Android работает только с мышью, но мне нужна версия Android TV для управления приложением с помощью пульта дистанционного управления. English: Hi. Where can I find the Kartina TB apk file for Android TV? I’m using Android on PC via Prime OS, and some Android TV apps (YouTube, PerfectPlayer) work flawlessly. I couldn’t find Kartina TV apk for Android TV anywhere. I want to know if it works on Prime OS. The Android version works with mouse only, but I need the Android TV version to control the app with the remote control.
  2. Почему они удалили эти фильмы? 1) Остров Ним 2) Любопытный Джордж 2: По следам обезьян
  3. "Мухнём на Луну" Этот фильм появится два раза в видеотеке "Дело было в Пенькове" что случилось с этого фильма? Он появился 31 марта, а затем высадили список фильмов Я использую VLC-рекордер, но то же самое происходит и на странице Kartini PS выше было переведено Google Translate
  4. myview, Вы можете ответить на русском языке, я могу читать, но я не могу писать. Большое спасибо. [Google translation]
  5. Thank you for taking the time to reply and also creating the video. I did the test twice, but here the first test (d.php) was slower than the second. The faster was on server 2. Sorry for the silly question, but there is a way to watch on standard ports? I didn't test l2tp yet, it seems that strongvpn.com has this option and if yes I will try later. I forgot to say that I use VLC-Record and VLC to watch. I prefer using VLC (using the option "1_vlc-player.mod") instead of the embedded player ("5_libvlc.mod" on setting/Player module) just to see the state of the buffer. I use VLC 1.0.5 instead of the current version because with this version I can see the buffering info (0% to 100%), and its easy to see the speed the buffer is being fulled. Well, I'm not sure but it seems that changing the buffer on VLC (Show settings/All - Input / Codecs -> Access modules -> HTTP(S) -> Caching value in ms), VLC will use this setting instead of the setting on VLC-Record (Access -> Buffering -> Time (msec.)). Believe it or not, I tried the value 600 000 (10 minutes buffer!!), and a I was able to watch a 45 minutes program with only 3 or 4 pauses. To watch archive is OK, but impracticable to watch live TV. Thank you for your attention. [EDIT] I forgot to say that here I can do torrent download at 240 kbps (when there are good sources), so if torrent uses non standard ports, here there is no speed problem.
  6. Sorry for the (bad) English language (I'm still learning Russian). I'm having speed problem to watch kartina TV from Brazil. Reading this thread I decided to post my questions just because yesterday (before reading this thread) I decide to try vpn from strongvpn.com, in the hope of a speed improvement. Well, it didn't help almost nothing. My Internet connection is 2 mbps (max. available speed to my local area) and normally I download files at 240 kbps (generally multithread downloads - 2 or more connections in the same file). Well, is 240kbps to slow to watch kartina tv? In the kartina's speed test I never achieved the 2 mbps recommended (my maximum was aprox. 1.8 mbps), but I assumed the risk and give a try, because on the trial test was not perfect but was ok. I'm an user of kartina.tv since February 2010, and in the beginning was possible to watch, although occasionally pauses. At that time, sometime was practically impossible to watch. Well, recently it's almost impossible to watch all day, so I though it could be a problem connecting to kartina server from my location. So, once again, I take the risk and decided to try by vpn. After reading this thread I decided upgrade my vpn account to try by openvpn, and it was worst than 'normal' connection (without vpn) or by pptp. I'm completely new to this, never heard of it a 3 or 4 days before, but i'm struggling to improve connection speed. Here, in my location, kartina is watchable only on earlier hours of the day (aprox. 2 to 6 a.m.), and only yesterday (maybe because of vpn), at early hours of the day, I could see what is a normal watching: archive working, jumping to time working, live TV working (just waiting 2 or 3 seconds to buffer)... Well, I was completely disappointed when I discovered that the slow connection returns on the morning, afternoon and night... I know my Internet speed is not fast, but when I download (at any time of the day) I achieve 240 kbps... Is that not enough to kartina? The problem is that there is no way to create more than one connection to the stream, because I speed up downloads with multiple connections to the same file. Well, some day I hope that I could watch Russian iptv like my local cable TV. Sorry if I post in not appropriated location and language, and any recommendation to improve speed is welcome.
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