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  1. Hello, I'm sorry I can not type in russian, so I will include a google translated version of this post below. I have noticed that every single channel has Interlacing Artefacts. I am using a Dune HD TV303-D media player, Premium Bitrate, Europe South Server and HTTP/UDP. "motion adaptive" deinterlacing is enabled in the Dune HD player, however the image has massive interlacing artefacts (combing artefacts). Both HD and SD channels have those type of artifacts. I assume that the Kartina Engineers take the original streams from their sources (which are interlaced streams) and encode them as progressive video. The media players dont recognize those streams as interlaced video, and because of that the media players dont apply deinterlacing on the video. The result is massive interlacing artefacts on every single channel. My suggestion to you is- when you re-encode the original TV streams to inject them in your own IP-network, you need to set interlaced flags to the streams. Ideally you should encode the streams as interlaced content, which right now doesnt seem to be the case. Right now it looks like you are encoding the streams as progressive video, which introduces interlacing artefacts. If the suggestion above is not an option for you and you can not encode the stream as interlaced video, I have another suggestion- deinterlace the video, before encoding it. For example you could use YADIF method for deinterlacing, which produces rather good results and doesnt cost too much processing power, and after deinterlacing, you can encode it as progressive video. Im actually a little surprised that after so many years you still didnt come up with a proper deinterlacing solution. You are streaming interlaced content as a progressive video. Media players cant deinterlace it, because they see it as progressive video and dont see the interlacing fields. It introduces annoying interlacing artefacts like in the attached image. There are visible "combing" artefacts on all SD and HD channels. If you are indeed already using a deinterlacer, then it does a very bad job and doesnt work correctly. I hope you can solve this issue, because its the single most annoying thing about Kartina streams right now.
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